RIAA-forstærker til grammofon

RIAA-forstærker til grammofon

Pris: 875,00kr.
Ex. moms: 700,00kr.

The OneRemote RIAA DIN-I amplifier is designed for use with Bang & Olufsen turntables connected to amplifiers without a built in RIAA amplifier, but it may be used with any turntable connected the same way.

When connected to a DataLink controlled Bang & Olufsen turntable any DataLink signal from a Bang & Olufsen connected audiomaster is passed directly through allowing full remote control of the operation of the turntable as specied by Bang & Olufsen for this set up.

The OneRemote RIAA DIN-I amplifier corrects the frequency response as described below and amplifies the PU signal to line level.

The OneRemote RIAA DIN-I amplifier is supplied in a metal cabinet to maintain shielding of the signal, and it is delivered with its own DC power supply.